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Why We Do It

We love consulting and designing software for a few reasons:

  1. Entrepreneurship: nothing is more fun to us then seeing what a business wishes they could have or do and then building that for them. Figuring out what that thing is to making it a reality is our passion.
  2. Tech: this is the nerdy part. We love building cool shit! Over the past 20+ years we have built a lot of stuff and we love showing it off to people.
  3. Money: we all saw this coming right? Everybody likes making money, but we like figuring out creative ways we can make money for ourselves and for other businesses. That is part of what makes us much more than developers.

The Tools We Use

Here is what we use to make your dreams a reality

  • PHP

    PHP is a powerful language and over half the internet is built on it

  • CodeIgniter

    CodeIgniter is our favorite framework for working with PHP

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript helps us do all the fancy stuff that takes projects to the next level

  • HTML

    A basic and essential language that we are well versed in

  • CSS

    While we are not graphic designers, CSS does help us make our products look pretty darn good

  • Experience

    None of these fancy tools mean anything without experience, and we have plenty of that

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